The Web3.0 Architecture

MetaLife is building the mobile-first decentralized Web3.0 architecture. Our protocol is fully serverless with all data and business logics are stored and executing on user's mobile device. Rather than relying on centralized servers, user's device hosts the frontend, the middleware and the backend for the MetaLife ecosystem.

The backend is the core of the MetaLife social network protocol. In comparison to many other social networks, the MetaLife protocol is extremely comprehensive and compasses every element needed for a Web 3.0 social network from communication protocol, social network protocol to user data and content. Other commonly used functions like wallet, identity and cryptocurrency exchange are also available as APIs on the device.

The frontend is available to users as app and it makes all MetaLife functionalities available to users via their handsets.

This mobile-first decentralized architecture frees users from servers and internet, and empowers users to determine how and when they want to use and access their data.

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