Every participant in the MetaLife metaverse has a chance to earn.
A Participate-to-Earn Economy
Content creators & Artists
  • Tokenize and monetize their content (posts, articles, arts, music, videos, books)
  • Create DAO to crowdfund their projects
  • Subscribers can get access to contents and entitle to dividends from creators’ business
  • Create or rent private gallery to display their art pieces in 2D or 3D space with VR experience
  • Host private events to auction their art pieces
Service Providers
  • Operate Pubs and Super nodes
  • Participate in contents curation, governance, providing distributed storage services
  • Participate in proof-of-gravity consensuses
  • Organize a DAO around their followers
  • Followers can invest in influencers directly and enjoy benefits from investment
  • Offer services to Content creators
  • Build and manage their social capital in MetaLife
  • Monetize their social capital, run exclusive campaigns, promo and discounts for their followers